Coronavirus Did What Governments Couldn’t

The day that the news came out of China about this new virus that was causing all kinds of concern and panic, no one could have thought it would lead to this. What is this you ask? Panic, confusion, disarray, misinformation, fear, absenteeism, misdirection, isolation, simply put . . . lost. This pandemic has caused a domestic shutdown of many different operations from schools to sports. Arenas are now sitting empty after major anticipation for sports spectacles such as the NCAA’s March Madness, NBA teams playing toward the playoffs, MLB’s spring training in preparation for the season and so much more. Basically any contact sport and even the PGA has been called off indefinitely or suspended for a few weeks.

This virus has caused more disruption and at the same time, unification than any form of government could have ever attempted to do successfully. It has brought the best out of communities and individuals while showing the lack of clarity and comfort from certain governments. The lack of communication that has invoked fear has garnered locals, athletes, and additional celebrities to step up and make a supportive effort before those in power would fully show the support that they could or just outright should show. It has made many question the true effort of calm that has been attempted by world leaders. Many are wondering what effect this will have on their personal lives, businesses, professional lives, and even their children. The uncertainty is causing panic unlike any other that any of us could imagine. However, if we were all thinking about this, we would make logical decisions about how to handle the situation that we have been dealt with.

Let’s think about it. The COVID-19 virus came on the scene in December of 2019. It was swept under the rug as if it was nothing more than the common cold or at least symptoms of such. However, as people look more closely at things such as Lysol and such, they see that this virus (possibly a different strain) is listed on there as being able to be treated by this product. However, the delivery by our president and his administration didn’t provide the same comfort that the words on a canned product are able to do silently. What is wrong with this picture? Let’s even go a step further. The clarity of the disease/virus truly has not been fully relayed to the public. Yet the stoking of fear has been ramped up by both the media and our government officials. Where is the truth in this situation? Where is the full effort to create calm instead of hysteria and pandemonium? It somehow seems as if there hasn’t been an effort.

Where do we go from here now? I believe that we should all slow down both physically and in our minds. We should think about the things that truly are right now and pivot accordingly for what may come our way. This moment came out of nowhere and we have been thrown into dealing with it from a position of hysteria and lack of clarification. As we are actively seeing, humans will come together to support one another through a time of uncertainty and chaos like this. Countries have quarantined their entire populations and yet, people are still hanging from windows and standing on rooftops to keep the spirit amongst everyone alive and well. This is one of the strongest actions that could take place and show unity and support of mankind.

It can only get better from this point. They say that it’s going to get worse before it will get better, however, I see signs of life in humanity already for moving forward. It’s a sad resemblance of the country after the attacks of 911. We weren’t on complete lockdown or isolation of course, but we were torn and dare I say, somewhat broken as a country for a moment. The rebound and strength that showed after a few days of settling into the reality of what was happening and hat we would not be defeated, is priceless. This very moment in which we are dealing with COVID-19, I sense and see that same strength and energy coming from individuals around the world. Every country, every resource and professional that is involved with helping the world understand what it exactly is that we’re dealing with is stepping up for the most part. In a dark moment, it is beautiful light art in motion. We are strong and we are one. Keeping this uplifting and positive mindset throughout this transition, we will continue to get through this chaotic scenario successfully and well. Remember, though a few have been lost and we send warm hearts to their loved ones, we have not been defeated or forced to kneel. Stay strong, stay positive and keep the focus on the outcome we can decide and not the one that they want us to believe will be.



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Walter M. Matthews

Walter, founder of Verdis Concepts, Solutions & Developments. He is a business consultant and holds a certification in Integrative Mental Health